What we believe is who we are

It’s hard to eat well when you’re surrounded with so many comfort foods that are unhealthy, sugary and only give you the calories that your body doesn’t need.

We wanted to change that

HoneyChew was born from a passion to replace sugar-coated candies with a quick, nutritious, sweet, tasty and wholesome snack. We ended up creating a chewy bar that is power-packed, healthy, easy to carry, and tasty, and loved by all age-groups.

We believe in making snacking a healthy and
wholesome experience.

HoneyChew is an award-winning, innovative product that is packed with chewy honey that has proteins, minerals and vitamins, and gives an instant spurt of energy. You can carry it anywhere and have it anytime without feeling guilty of consuming needless calories.

Just rip it, tear it and relish the rejuvenating snack.